Vegetarian offering to the Gods/Deities

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Vegetarian offering to the Gods/Deities

February 24

Vegetarian offering the Gods/Deities 02 / 24 / 2024

This day is for praying for the blessings and protection of the living. The ‘Golden Light Sutra 金光明经’ records that at the Golden Light Assembly, the heavenly gods made a vow in front of the Buddha to always protect Buddhism, practice the right Dharma, diligently cultivate good deeds, stay away from evil acts, and also, as entrusted by the Buddha, to patrol the human world and help those who practice and are virtuous. To acknowledge the merits of these heavenly protectors, offerings such as incense, flowers, lamps, and fruits are prepared to show gratitude and respect, and at the same time, to pray for the blessings of the living. It is generally believed that twenty four different heavenly gods are involved, each governing different aspects.

Twenty Four God/Deities 二十四诸天

1.Mahadeva/Shiva 湿婆神/大自在天

2.Brahma 梵天

3.Indra 帝释天

4.Lakshmi 吉祥天女

5.Sarawati 妙音天才

6.Vaisravana 多闻天王

7.Virudhaka 增长天王

8.Dhrtarastra 持国天王

9.Virupaksa 广目天王

10.Surya 太阳神

11.Chandra 月神

12.Guhyapada 金刚力士

13.Pancika 散脂大将

14.Skanda 韦陀菩萨

15.Prthvi 地神

16.”Spirti of the Bodhi Tree” 菩提树神

17.Hariti 鬼子母

18.Marici 摩利支天

19.Sagara 龙王

20.Yama 阎罗王

21.Kinnara king 紧那罗王

22.Emperor Ziwei 紫薇大帝

23.Emperpor Dongyu 东岳大帝

24. Thunder God 雷公









February 24


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