Chinese New Year Celebration -Dharma Services Series


Mahayana Temple held a series of blessing services for the public during the Chinese New Year 2024, blessing every individual, their families, the communities and the country, with peace and harmony, gaining merits and wisdom.

Mahayana Temple City Campus

  • Welcoming the God of Fortune and Wealth Ceremony:02/09 9pm-02/10 2am
    The temple will open doors from 9pm on 02/09.
    From 02/09 9pm, the Welcoming God of Fortune and Wealth ceremony will take place in the main hall. Everyone is invited to lit their first incense of the year and to welcome the God of Fortune and Wealth home.

Mitreya’s Birthday Ceremory    02/10/24

On the first day of the new year, we celebrate the birth of Mitreya Bodhisattva. The temple opens doors start from 7am. Chanting service starts from 9:30am. After chanting, everyone is invited to ring our bronze bell to signify a new beginning and to bring themselves merits. Offerings including oil offering, meal offering, light offering, flower and fruits offering, and new year offerings will be available for registration. Then we will have the Eighty Eight Buddhas Repentance.

Lunar New Year’s Eve Chanting Service  02/12/24

Lunar New Year’s Eve Chanting Service in Chinese is “普佛”。”普佛” has a dual meaning; one is the sense of ‘many’ and ‘multitude,’ referring to the veneration of the numerous Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.  The Deity who in this chanting is the Medicine Buddha, and we will also have the  Eighty Eight Buddhas Repentance.

 Mahayana Temple Retreat 

Welcoming the God of Fortune and Wealth Ceremony

12 pm  February 9 (Chinese New Year Eve)

Blessing the public with a prosperous career, great wealth, and great luck in the new year! 

Maitreya ’s Birthday Ceremony

10 am February 10

Wishing the public will be blessed with merits and wisdom. 

Thousand Buddhas Worship Ceremony

February 21 – 23

Led by 7 respected Venerables, devotees pray to return to all sentient beings with the countless merit of worshiping the three thousand buddhas. 

Offering to Buddhas and Celestial Beings

9:30 am   February 24

Mahayana Temple is offering this opportunity for devotees and all Dharma supporters to congregate at the Temple, requesting the presence of the Triple Gems and all Saintly beings to accept our offerings of incense, flowers, fruits and food.  May all merits be transferred to everyone so that they may enjoy endless blessings, long life and well-being.

To participate, please call us at (212)-925-8787 or contact us via  follow us at 

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