New York Mahayana Temple’s Weekend Buddhism Trip
May 30, 2018
Summer Meditation Class in Mahayana Temple
August 15, 2018

New York Mahayana Temple’s Weekend Buddhism Trip

Travel – a journey of life; A journey of the heart; A trip to Buddhism;


The  Lecture of “The Buddhist scriptures discuss class”

(Projection play in Chinese and English)

“Listen to the teachings of the high priest dade” — Buddhist school of Mahayana Temple

First class: listen to master Sheng Yan talk about “The heart sutra and the practice and transcendence of life and life” and watch the movie “The heart sutra”.

At the beginning of the June, Mahayana Temple launched a new form of Buddhist discussion class. In a natural and relaxing way, let people watch the video of the “heart sutra” explained by the master together, and then discuss the cognition and feeling of this classic text and Buddhism together. During the class, “meditation seat” was added. It can be said that it is a non-vocal, with visual, listening, zen and other elements of Buddhist culture class. The Buddhist hall is conducted in Chinese and English, and the after-class tea party is served with tea break.

We sincerely invite people from all walks of life who are interested in Buddhism, culture and art to join our Mahayana Buddhism hall!

There is a Buddha in everyone’s heart, the Buddha is in your heart! We can hear the smell method together, can in the New York Mahayana Temple the whole New York City’s highest Buddha bodhisattva, and perhaps one thousand years ago, had together under the banyan tree listening to the Buddha preached the believers、、、maybe, this is the so-called Buddha Buddhism and blessings!