Filial gratitude Repentance ceremony 2016
August 6, 2016
2017 Winter Solstice Memorial Ceremony
November 26, 2017

2016 Winter Solstice Memorial Ceremony

photo from 2016 second memorial ceremony, Obon Memorial Ceremony

All Dharma Friends:

In order to advocate ad promote the virtue of thanksgiving and piety, [Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America] and its city campus [Mahayana Temple] will hold a [Winter Solstice Memrial Ceremony] of Thanksgivin and Piety as well as the [Ceremony of Longevity Blessing] on both Saturday and Sunday, December 24th and December 25th at [Mahayana Temple]. In the ceremony, there will be reciting of the Sutra and chanting of Buddha’s name. The virtue of the practice will be dedicated to our departed loved ones; may they be reborn in the Pure Land and realize the Buddha path.
The schedule as follows:
Winter Solstice December 24th & 25th   
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AMPs: Vegetarian lunch will be served on above dates The total chanting fee for winter solstice memorial plaque is $25.00. Please have the check or Money Order payable to Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America. Or come to the temple in person to register.