Mahayana Temple donation of clothing for seniors
August 6, 2016
2016 Winter Solstice Memorial Ceremony
November 12, 2016

Filial gratitude Repentance ceremony 2016

Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America Inc. on July 2 to 9 had a success of “Filial gratitude Repentance ceremony 2016” in upstate Retreat Mahayana Temple. This is the third year will be held every year to lay by president, specially invited six master from Taiwan Buddhist Institute. Many worshipers came from all directions, there are Chinese and ethnic minorities outside New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York City and Albany, the farthest a young lady from Virginia to sit more than 10 hours by bus to participate.
Mahayana Temple is located in upstate New York on South Cairo, covers an area of ​​114 acres, which has the Main Hall, Kwun Yam Temple, Tibetan Temple, Spirit Lake, five one hundred Lohan Hall and jade buddha. The Chinese Buddhism temple in accordance with jungle management system, has become a New York Buddhist temple clean practice.
Seven consecutive days, Believers completed ten volumes Liang Huang Repentance chanting of worship, led by six Master from Taiwan. And held of “Ceremony of Saving Lives” Under the leadership of Master Buddha shrine us back to living beings, pray for world peace.

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