Path to Peace – Week 3
April 26, 2015
2016 Chinese New Year Ceremony :
April 23, 2016

Path to Peace – Week 4

Path to Peace Week 4


Day 1

Sincerity in words engenders trust.

Sincerity in thought engenders pure living.

Sincerity in generosity engenders loving-kindness.


Day 2

May ignorance give way to understanding,

May hatred yield to compassion,

May war surrender to peace.


Day 3

The absence of expectations results in the reduction of disappointments.


Day 4

Contentment is born of the capacity,

To love impartially,

To listen uncritically,

To give unconditionally,

To forgive unreservedly,

To laugh at oneself unaffectedly.


Day 5

Gently and impartially comfort the uneasy,

Give selflessly to those who are in need,

Teach without reserve those who wish to learn.


Day 6

Excessive desires lead us to put our own interests before those of others.

They drain our goodness, pollute our heats, immerse us in animosity.


Day 7

Dreams fade,

Bubbles pop,

Dew evaporates,

Lightning ceases,

Nothing is permanent.