2015 Ching Ming Memorial Service
April 4, 2015
Path to Peace – Week 3
April 26, 2015

Path to Peace – Week 2

Path to Peace Week 2

Day 1

In developing compassion, we care for those we love, those we know.

Eventually we will even care for those we do not like, those we do not know.


Day 2

Peace within creates beauty without.


Day 3

May all beings become messengers of peace in times of chaos and conflict.

May they become the calm voice of reason in times of anguish and anger.


Day 4

Gentleness is the companion of joy tenderness of compassion serenity of wisdom.


Day 5

Happiness lies in the smile, not in the object that inspired the smile.


Day 6

To listen and to be listened to is the way to understanding and peace.


Day 7

Understand things as they really are.

Do not mistake the reflection of the moon in the water for the moon.