Path to Peace – Week 1
April 4, 2015
Path to Peace – Week 2
April 19, 2015

2015 Ching Ming Memorial Service


All Dharma Friends:

In order to advocate and promote the virtue of thanksgiving and piety, Eastern States Buddhist Temple of America and it’s Retreat Mahayana Temple will hold a Ching Ming Memorial Service of Thanksgiving and Piety on Sunday, April 12th at Retreat Mahayana Temple. In the ceremony, there will be reciting of the Sutra and chanting of Buddha’s name. The virtue of the practice will be dedicated to our departed loved ones; may they be reborn in the Pure Land and realize the Buddha path.

The service includes 2 parts as below.

Ps: Vegetarian lunch will be served before the service on above date

First, Memorial Ceremony will start at 1 PM. Before the ceremony, temple will setup special memorial wall and table, make fresh flower and fruit offering for the plaques of our departed loved ones. Our master will lead people to chant Amitabha Sutra for thanksgiving and longevity.

Second, Settlement Ceremony will follow the Memorial Ceremony. Our master will hold the ceremony for the cremains which will be settled into the Memorial Complex.

Registration phone: 212-925-8787 ext. 108

Registration address: 133 Canal St. New York, NY 10002