2015 Chinese New Year Ceremony
January 18, 2015
2015 Ching Ming Memorial Service
April 4, 2015

Path to Peace – Week 1

Path to Peace

Day 1

Nurture Love,

give Joy,

be compassionate,

create peace.


Day 2

Before we can help,

we need to understand.

Before we can understand,

we need to listen.

Before we can listen,

we need to be quiet.


Day 3

One does not arrive at happiness,

one travels its path.


Day 4

world peace will begin when we end the wars within each of us.


Day 5

We can influence others for the good

by the good that we are thinking.


Day 6

Compassion ushers sadness out guides happiness in.


Day 7

Why seek outside?

Everything we need is already within us.