Path to Peace – Week 1

Day 1 Nurture Love, give Joy, be compassionate, create peace.   Day 2 Before we can help, we need to understand. Before we can understand, we need to listen. Before we can listen, we need to be quiet.   Day 3 One does not arrive at happiness, one travels its path.   Day 4 world …Read More

The Doctrine II

5. The Noble Eight-fold Path This is the fourth of the Four Noble Truths, which outlines the practical means leading to the cessation of suffering and to the realization of Nirvana. It is The Eight-fold Path. The Eight-fold Path consists of the followings: Right Understanding — seeing things as they really are or fully grasping …Read More

The Doctrine I

1. Characteristics of Buddha’s Teachings When one studies the teachings of the Buddha, one is often surprised to find how close they are to the modern scientific spirit.. The Buddha constantly taught his followers to accept nothing on hearsay, tradition or dogma. No statement was to be accepted on any authority. Not even his own …Read More