Scam Alert

Our Website was recently attacked by hackers, but we have recovered from the attack. However that does not mean the hackers can no longer use our good name for their purposes. Therefore, please be aware that our temple DO NOT have ANY online donation system at present. So please do not provide any personal identity data …Read More

Buddhist Assembly In Mahayana Temple

A brand new year has come. As one of the branches of buddhist organizations in the northeast of New York, Mahayana temple held a big Buddhist Assembly today to worship the buddha of medicine. As a long-time buddha believer, I really enjoyed the reading of sacred sutras coming from the buddhist monks, which is more …Read More

Happy the Year of Dragon

Happy the year of Dragon. From the Eastern States Buddhist Temple (ESBT), we wish you have a health and happy year. The temple had been renovate to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and we are grateful that we have these such wonderful  volunteers to help us to re-paint the temple. Without the volunteers, we cannot …Read More

2012 Chinese New Year Ceremony

For the first fifteen days from Chinese New Year, City Campus Mahayana Temple will ring the temple bell 108 times twice a day at a special chosen lucky time. Anyone who registered will have their names post under the sight of Giant Buddha wish to bring them best luck through the whole year. Each registry …Read More

2011 the Yogacara Ulka-mukha Dharma Service

Due to the Hurricane “Irene,” the Birthday Ceremony of Earth Buddha which was cheduled at 8/28/2011 was held at 9/01/2011. The service began at 10:00pm, was held by the Rev. Pindao and other five Rev.The service bestowed food and drink to the hungry gosts.More importantly, the service was perfomed to deliver the gosts from all …Read More