New York Mahayana Temple’s Weekend Buddhism Trip

Travel – a journey of life; A journey of the heart; A trip to Buddhism;   The  Lecture of “The Buddhist scriptures discuss class” (Projection play in Chinese and English) “Listen to the teachings of the high priest dade” — Buddhist school of Mahayana Temple First class: listen to master Sheng Yan talk about “The …Read More

2018 ZEN Playday

This unique program is designed for children to learn and practice and Dharma in a relaxed atmosphere, helping them to cultivate their bodies & minds, increase their wisdom and improve their language skills. Course content includes introduction to Buddhist ceremonies, Buddhist stories, Buddhist music, chanting, group activities, art classes, and basic meditation teaching including worship, …Read More

Path to Peace – Week 4

  Day 1 Sincerity in words engenders trust. Sincerity in thought engenders pure living. Sincerity in generosity engenders loving-kindness.   Day 2 May ignorance give way to understanding, May hatred yield to compassion, May war surrender to peace.   Day 3 The absence of expectations results in the reduction of disappointments.   Day 4 Contentment …Read More

Path to Peace – Week 3

Day 1 The generous person gives not just what they have, but of who they are.   Day 2 When we are kind and generous to others, we will receive thoughtfulness and love.   Day 3 Contentment is not the fulfillment of what we want rather the appreciation of what we have.   Day 4 …Read More

Path to Peace – Week 2

Day 1 In developing compassion, we care for those we love, those we know. Eventually we will even care for those we do not like, those we do not know.   Day 2 Peace within creates beauty without.   Day 3 May all beings become messengers of peace in times of chaos and conflict. May …Read More